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      The Nature Report: New Hunting & Fishing Regulations

      On September 1st, new fishing and hunting regulations go into effect for Texas sportsmen.

      There are many changes that Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens want to be sure that Rio Grande Valley outdoorsmen are aware of. The flounder bag limit is going to be decreased to five per day for recreational anglers, said TPWD Game Warden Dan Waddell. Commercial limits for the popular flatfish are also being halved from 60 per day to 30.

      During the month of November, which is the peak month of flounder spawning, gigging will be prohibited, and only two fish per day will be allowed by pole and line. New regulations to help declining shark populations will also be enforced. Our shark regulation is gong to mirror the federal regulation and the minimum length limit on sharks is going to go up to 64 inchesm, Waddell said. Except for three, the bonnet head, the black tip and the Atlantic sharp nose are going to remain at 24. Bag limits for all sharks are still going to remain at one per day, and there is going to be a list of 21 prohibited species, and you will be able to find that in the outdoors annual. Alligator gar fishermen will also be faced with a restrictive limit allowing only one gar per day. Dove hunters will enjoy expanded limits, as the total bag will be increased form 12 to 15 birds. And don TMt forget, those born on or after September 2, 1971 and have reached the age of 17 you are required to have your hunter TMs education certification.