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      The Nature Report: Prickly Pear's Tasty Tuna

      With twitching ears and wriggling nose, this bright eyed bunny is poised to flee at the slightest hint of danger.

      Ripe tunas on prickly pear have lured the cottontail rabbit from the brush, but the nervous bunny senses something and scampers away. Next, a blue quail strolls by and gives the fruit a cursory peck before trotting off. Finally, another rabbit arrives and stretches out to examine the tempting tunas. After a thorough examination, the sniff test reveals the lower tuna to be the prize selection, and the first bite is made.

      For the next 15 minutes, the wary rabbit lets down its guard and savors the tasty tuna. The rabbit has a distinctive notch in its left ear and has also somehow picked up a couple of cactus thorns in the appendage.

      Dining on prickly tunas can be a rather dangerous undertaking. Occasionally, the rabbit goes up on all fours to peer about, just to be sure no predator is sneaking up on it.

      Eventually, a contended look spreads across the creature TMs countenance as it enjoys the rich, fruity pulp. At one point, another rabbit encroaches and rather than attempt to dislodge its fellow diner decides to snack on the cactus pad instead. Eventually, notch ear departs and another moves in to take a few bites.

      Notch ear returns to begin work on a second tuna when something startles the rabbits and they scatter.

      A big bull snake comes slithering by, and for now the South Texas summer treats are abandoned, but you can bet the bunnies will be back.