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      The Nature Report: Spring fishing in Laguna Madre

      If you want to keep up with Captain Todd Casey, then you will have to get up early and stay out late.

      Whether it TMs fishing for big trout or oversized reds, spring fishing on the Lower Laguna Madre is at its peak right now. This time of year every year is my favorite time to fish, Casey said. The water is starting to warm up, everything is starting to spawn, the bait fish are moving in, the tides are getting high, it TMs just kind of a magical time to be on the water. Casey has a knack for picking the right spots to park his boat and make a wade.

      And whether it TMs a late afternoon adventure or an early morning session, the fishing is usually very productive. The quest for a big trout is always a challenge, and when Todd catches one he invariably turns it loose|.to spawn and hopefully grow even larger.

      Big redfish are in abundance, and they aggressively pounce on Casey TMs topwater lure. Yeah, when you get into big reds like that it kind of messes up your trout fishing a little bit, but still its pretty fun, he said.

      Casey is hooking up with so many huge reds, that the real concern is how long his favorite lure is going to hold up. Yeah, I TMve been using this super spook with the yellow head pretty much all week, and I only have one of them, he said. I haven TMt lost it yet, but I have lost a few hooks. It has really been a good lure. It is shaping up to be a great year on the bay, particularly if Captain Casey manages to hang on to that magical lure.