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      The Nature Report: Spring Song

      Spring is in the air and this mockingbird is exulting in song.

      A shallow pond tucked into the chaparral attracts numerous species, including the enthusiastic songster.

      While the mockingbird bathes, the avian chorus continues unabated. A bright-eyed mourning dove cautiously approaches the water before fleeing in a burst of flight.

      Nervous sparrows come to bathe, but allow themselves only a brief splash prior to departure. From within the nearby foliage, a pyrrhuloxia peeks out, and then flits away.

      Eyeing the pond from a high branch, a Couch TMs kingbird soon glides down, while a cardinal ventures close for a tentative sip. A thrasher tiptoes in for a brief drink, as a green jay calls from above.

      Golden-fronted woodpeckers come and go, sharing the pond with plump white-tipped doves. The parade of bird life ebbs and flows throughout the day, and several pairs of bobwhite quail arrive for afternoon refreshment. Taking it all in from a series of perches, a bright yellow kiskadee surveys the plethora of avian visitors.

      As the golden light of late afternoon bathes the pond, the kiskadee tilts its head attentively listening to the day TMs final chorus of birdsong. Sooner or later everyone comes for a drink, and in the spring the colorful array of birds is accompanied by an equaling entertaining symphony of exuberant song.