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      Valley Biz Blog - Three Valley Cities Rank Among USA's Cheapest

      Downtown Harlingen File Photo

      Three Rio Grande Valley cities are now ranked among the Top 10 Cheapest Places to live in the United States.

      According to a Bloomberg Businessweek survey, Harlingen ranked as the cheapest place to live in America.

      McAllen ranked Number 4 and Brownsville ranked Number 7.

      The survey showed that Harlingen had some of the lowest real estate prices in the United States.

      Homeowners pay average of $847 dollars per month for their mortgage while renters pay an average of $659 dollars per month for a two-bedroom apartment.

      Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell spoke with Bloomberg Businessweek about the survey.

      "We have relatively low income in the (Rio Grande) Valley, including in Harlingen, Boswell told Bloomberg Businessweek. We have fewer college educated folks" and hardly any high end retailers.

      Boswell told the on-line publication that prices in Harlingen may increase as the city develops from an agricultural area into an economy based on light manufacturing and health care.

      The results of the survey were published in an MSNBC.com article published on Monday morning.

      Ten Cheapest Cities in the USA:

      1. Harlingen, Texas2. Pueblo, Colorado3. Pryor Creek, Oklahoma4. McAllen, Texas5. Cookeville, Tennessee6. Hunt County, Texas7. Brownsville, Texas8. Fort Smith, Arkansas9. Muskogee, Oklahoma10. Springfield, Illinois

      Ten Most Expensive Cities in the world:

      1. Tokyo, Japan2. Oslo, Norway3. Nagoya, Japan4. Stavanger, Norway5. Yokahama, Japan6. Zurich, Germany7. Luanda, Angola8. Geneva, Switzerland9. Kobe, Japan10. Bern, Switzerland

      According to the survey, Manhattan ranked the most expensive city in the United States.

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