Valley Biz Blog - Vending Machines With Healthy Choices

Hungry Hidalgo County residents now have a healthier choice when looking for a snack at local vending machines.

Fresh Healthy Vending machines have recently popped up at six locations in the McAllen area:

Park View Community Center Las Palmas Community Center Lark Community Center Covenant Christian Academy The Summit Sports Club Our Lady of Sorrows School

The refrigerated vending machines feature 100-percent juices, fresh vegetables, fruits, smoothies, and yogurts.

The vending machines are being placed as an alternative to junk food in an area where diabetes and obesity rates are high.

The national vending machine company recently awarded McAllen area franchise rights to area resident Rutchebeth Contreras.

The McAllen woman said she TMs excited to bring healthier choices to Rio Grande Valley vending machines.

No longer will people have to make unhealthy food choices at the vending machine, Contreras said. We are bringing them an entirely new, tasty and nutritious array of options.