Abbott and Davis visit the Valley one last time before election day

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Front runners for the Texas governor seat, Greg Abbott and Wendy Davis, joined the Charro Days celebration.

Both Davis and Abbott were part of the Charro Days International Parade.

Davis and Abbott also took the time to greet voters and squeeze in some final votes before Primary Election Day on March 4th.

Action spoke with both candidates about the upcoming election and each firmly believes they are the obvious choice for Texas governor.

Attorney General Greg Abbott, the Republican candidate, is already thinking about the General Elections on November 4, 2014.

"Being prepared to not only win the general election but to explain to voters why it is what I stand for, what I will do for them is right for them and their future," Abbott said.

If Senator Wendy Davis wins she would become the first democratic governor in Texas in over 20 years.

It's my job obviously to connect with this community as much as I can about what I hope to achieve as their next governor and what I hope to bring in terms of a brighter future for their families," Davis said.

Davis has one opponent in the primary, Reynaldo Madrigal.

Abbott is running against Lisa Fritsch, Larry Kilgore and Miriam Martinez.

This was the first time Abbott was back in the Rio Grande Valley since the "third world country practices" statement.

Unlike Greg Abbott I would never refer to this community as a third world," Davis said. "What he said was unacceptable.

Abbott has since cleared what he meant by his reference about the Rio Grande Valley.

"The comment was about corruption as it exists across the state of Texas, it was definitely not targeted to the Rio Grande Valley," Abbott said. "Second I know from being in touch with people who live in the Rio Grande Valley they are sick and tired of corruption amongst public officials down here."

Both candidates say that improving education in Texas especially for young children will be their main focus if elected governor.

"Children come to school beginning in the kindergarten level, you set the expectation level high from the very beginning," Abbott said. "There is the expectation they will graduate from high school, they will go onto college and so be prepared for a better future."

However, Davis says Abbott has been responsible for the cuts on educational programs.

We still aren TMt giving programs funding to our schools that we need to be giving either for early childhood education or for some other programs that were working so well| Davis said. Greg Abbott on the other hand has been in court defending these cuts.

Abbot says his experience trumps Davis TMs argument.

Wendy Davis is doing nothing about corruption, Abbot said. I have prosecuted officials across the state of Texas; I will continue that effort as governor.

Primary election day is March 4th.

Right now, Greg Abbott and W endy Davis seem to be the clear front runners, setting up the showdown for the general election.