Cameron Co. Run-off Candidates Ready

Eddie Treviño

Supporters of Eddie Trevio cheered on election night as the majority of the votes came in his favor.

But in the end, there were not enough votes to clinch the democratic nomination for Cameron County judge.

"I'm really excited to for the results, we were the top vote getter, Trevio told Action 4 News. We were about 30 plus votes from winning the election outright."

Trevio will now be going up against current Cameron County Commissioner John Wood on April 13.

"I feel good going into a runoff, Wood said. I think it's going to go well. We TMre going to look at other issues and things we can take care of."

Wood told Action 4 News his team is regrouping and getting ready for the month ahead.

"We TMll be having strategy meetings to see where we can go and how we can make this successful, he said.

Cameron County is also looking forward to the runoff election date. Election Administrator Roger Ortiz said they are just waiting on the state to make the runoff official.

"We have equipment ready for the runoffs, its extra equipment that we have ready for that," he said.

In the meantime, Eddie Trevio has already begun working on his campaign, and he is looking towards a former candidate for help.

"I've spoke to the third candidate Rebecca Gomez and she has committed to endorse me in the run off and in November."

Both candidates also praised each other for running a clean campaign, and they're hoping it will stay that way.