Cameron County Judge's race heating up

With just days left until Election Day, the race for Cameron County judge is heating up and neither candidate is backing down.

Pct. 2 County Commissioner John Wood is looking to take over the seat currently held by Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos. Whoever wins the seat for Chief Executive Officer of the county on November second, will be the leader of one of the fastest growing counties in the state.

Incumbent Judge Carlos Cascos is confident his accomplishments during his time in office will win him another term in office.

The world did not come to an end because a republican was elected, Cascos said. We've been able to balance four budgets in spite of a sluggish economy; we have not had major lay-offs while we've not cut employees TM benefits."

Cascos said he's a leader that will always do what he believes is right, and most importantly one that can communicate with the people he leads.

"My opponent has been here for four or five decades and has never bothered to learn the Spanish language, Cascos said.

Challenger Commissioner John Wood said his humble upbringing helps him sympathize with the people of Cameron County and does not see language as a barrier.

"I TMm ready to be here full-time, every day, all day to serve the citizens of Cameron County, Wood said. There are just days to go but some people have already made up their minds about who is best suited to fill the seat- and they are making their message known everyday outside the Cameron County Courthouse.

Wood, who has served on the county commission for 8 years, said one important mission for him, is getting the county through the tough economic times.

"Each year that the current county judge has been in office the reserve (fund) has been reduced by about $1.6 million dollars, Wood said. When he came in office we had about $9 million." While Cascos and wood have worked together for Cameron County as judge and commissioner, all that will change come Election Day. All that will change come November second.