Cameron County Judge TMs race results to be announced

A special meeting to canvass the votes for the Cameron County Judge TMs race, including those votes in Precinct 54, is scheduled for Tuesday at 8 a.m. at the Cameron County Dancy building.

According to the new report of the tallied votes, Judge Carlos Cascos said, "It gives me a 64 vote victory."

This has been a unique situation, Cascos said. It's the talk of the state and it's unfortunate but we're going to have to move forward. We're going to have to find a better way to have people vote. Elections Administrator Roger Ortiz said voters can rest assured every vote has been counted.

He said he personally reviewed the information to compile the report he will present to county commissioners Tuesday.

"What I TMve learned is that there's never going to be a rush to get things done because of pressure from people, the media to get everything out as early as possible, Ortiz said. Because this tells us that being careful is better than being in a hurry." Even if the mistakes during this election process have been corrected, Judge Cascos said the damage is done.

"At this point the trust from the public has been damaged significantly, Cascos said. Had the elections office done this maybe the right way, more care in exercising their tallying and adding - a lot of this could've been avoided."

Ortiz has received criticism in the past few weeks but he said while everyone is entitled to their opinions; he has no plans of leaving his position.