Cameron County racking in the votes

The first three days of early voting in Cameron County have each exceeded the 4,000 vote mark, according to Elections Administrator Roger Ortiz.

He expects the numbers to continue just as good or even better as election day gets closer.This year Cameron County is hoping at least 70,000 voters will make it to the polls.The numbers seem to be on pace to hit that mart, but still are no comparison to the numbers that Hidalgo County has set. They kicked-off early voting Monday with a record breaking 11,000."It's the number of registered voters (that they have), Ortiz said. The best way to compare counties is percentage wise. Hidalgo has almost twice the number of registered voters than we do, so their numbers are going to be higher."There has been a more focused effort to get people to register to vote and then get them to the polls in Cameron County.Ortiz said although the county doesn TMt have the mobile voting units that Hidalgo does, he does not discard the possibility in the future."Whenever Cameron County can afford one, or we can get some grants or some money from the state to help us get a mobile unit, Ortiz said, I think that's going to happen in Cameron County. But for this election we don't have one."He adds things have been going smoothly during this election, but voters might have to wait in line for about 10 minutes to cast their votes at some polling locations."It's worth the wait, Ortiz said. Ten minutes is nothing to submit your vote and make your vote count."