Carlos Cascos officially sworn in as Cameron County Judge

It was one of the most heated and controversial races in the valley this past election year, but after much anticipation Carlos Cascos was officially sworn in for another term as Cameron County Judge.

Cascos was sworn in Tuesday night by United States Senator John Cornyn of Texas.

It was standing room only as supporters packed inside the historical Dancy building in Brownsville, many even having to watch from the balcony.

Before all the fan fare Judge Cascos addressed the media about the election.

"It was a tough campaign, I'm glad it was over. I think I'm one of the few that has been declared a winner three times", said Judge Cascos.

The race for Cameron County Judge took many twists and turns, and even brought out protesters in support of Cascos' opponent democratic challenger John Wood.

Cameron County Election Administrator Roger Ortiz even admitted there were mistakes.

But, in the end ballots for Brownsville Pct. 54 were recounted due to a tally sheet mishap. The votes were canvassed and Cascos was again declared the winner.

"It was a tight race, but you know people came out and spoke", said Cascos. While it's about moving forward,

Cascos says it's also about figuring out what went wrong.

"I think we have some issues within our elections office that we have to address, as to what happened , how it happened and why it happened, we'll just take that in the next few weeks", said Judge Cascos.

So for now Casco's says it's about getting back to work, keeping the momentum going, the budget balanced and the border secure. "I'm looking forward to working for the citizens of Cameron County,

I wish everybody a Happy New Year, and let's move forward", said Cascos.