Cascos expected to be named winner in Cameron County recount

Republican incumbent Carlos Cascos is expected to be named as the winner in a recount for the Cameron County Judge's race.

County commissioners are expected to hold a special Tuesday morning meeting to canvas the vote in the race.

The race generated controversy after Cascos was declared the winner by 80 votes on Election Night but Democratic Party candidate John Wood claims he won by five votes in the recount.

Ballots for Brownsville Precinct 54 had to be recounted due to a tally sheet mishap.

Cascos later claimed he found more than 60 ballots that would make him the winner of the race.

Cameron County Elections Administrator Roger Ortiz spoke with Action 4 News on Monday morning.

Ortiz said the vote won't be official until it is canvassed on Tuesday morning but he said it appears that Cascos won by 64 votes.