Change in election date spurs screaming matches during Elsa meeting

The Elsa City Commission voted to move municipal elections from May to November, causing upheaval during a special meeting on Monday.

By a vote of 3-1, commissioner repealed an ordinance approved on Saturday to hold the elections in May, citing Senate Bill 100, which allows cities to move municipal elections so they do not coincide with primary runoff elections.

This move would save the city so much amount of money for renting the machines, Commissioner Eli Rodriguez said. Everyone knows that we TMre having a presidential election on November 6 so this is a move to save the city some money.

But the vote was met with cheers and jeers from attendees at the meeting in the Elsa City Hall.

Screaming matches broke out between several people voicing their support or opposition to the vote.

Leading the charge against the change was Cain Caceres, the lone dissenter in the commission vote.

Candidates for commissioner also voiced their opposition, saying the change is unfair to voters and violates the city charter by extending commissioners TM terms for several months.

It TMs just not right, George Pea, one of the candidates said. You TMre violating the rights of the people who put you there.

You TMre obviously taking advantage in over abusing your authority, he continued, referring to the commissioners that voted for the change.

Pea added that he and other candidates plan to challenge in court the vote to change the elections from May to November.