College students encouraged to cast vote for 2012 election

With final week of early voting underway, volunteers for AACT now are making sure no one's vote will fall through the cracks...Reminding people one phone call at a time.

"We've had several volunteers that have come by to help us out, said AACT Now Project Coordinator Albert Morales. They are calling on a list of UTPA students."

The volunteers called on pages and pages of names and phone numbers of students who are eligible to vote.

Volunteers called and left messages with students letting them know that they have the opportunity to let their voice be heard and vote for local and national leaders, and that they can even do so at the UTPA campus.

"Here at this campus we are targeting at the UTPA students because UTPA is actually an early voting location," said Morales.

Morales says many students are unaware of the power their vote can have on this election, and how their voice can make a difference in the amount of funds the valley receives in the areas of infrastructure, healthcare, job growth, and immigration.

"If we can get out the vote more and have a percentage increase in voter turnout, then we have a better chance to secure those funds and resources that we so desperately need in this area," said Morales.

These reminders have sparked a positive response with UTPA students, and have made the students feel that casting their vote is easy, accessible, and necessary.

"They are quite glad that we gave them a call just to remind them, said Morales. Sometimes all people need is just a little extra push, and that will get them to go out and participate."

Early voting will end Friday, November 2, and the general election will be on November 6.