Congressional challenger goes on 'rubber chicken' campaign

Solomon Ortiz

Blake Farenthold is a newcomer to politics.

He TMs a licensed attorney in the State of Texas, has owned a couple of small business and is now the running republican trying his luck at becoming the next Congressman for District 27.

But in his efforts to make this a reality, he TMs rustling a few feathers.

Farenthold's camp recently launched a public relation campaign called "Chicken Week," handing out rubber chickens in efforts of urging incumbent Congressman Solomon Ortiz to a debate.

We encouraged our supporters and other constituents that Congressman Ortiz who refuses to appear to debate to mail these rubber chickens to his office both in Washington, in Corpus or in Brownsville," said David Polin Blake Farenthold TMs RGV Campaign Manager.

But Ortiz TMs camp said that couldn TMt be further from the truth.

Bob White, Chairman for Congressman Ortiz TMs Re-election Campaign, spoke to Action 4 News.

This is very juvenile," he said. "That TMs all I can say to go throwing rubber chickens around as far as the debate goes there will be a debate the congressman is not ducking the debate." According to Polin, Ortiz has a record of not showing up to debates and canceling at the last minute.

That TMs why, Polin said they've come up with a back plan, so if he fails to show up we do have a replacement to sit in his place and that is congressman chicken."

Congressman Ortiz TMs replacement is a big chicken costume.

They need to get a little more serious about what they are going to do about the economy, iimmigration, about jobs and stuff like and stop throwing chickens around the room," said White

But according to Polin, their objective was to get a debate, so in their eyes It worked!! "

The debate is scheduled for October 26th in Corpus Christi at a local TV. Station at 5:00 pm.