Controversy still going with Cameron County Judges race

Election night Carlos Cascos was declared the winner.

Shortly after the recount requested by opponent Commissioner John Wood on Saturday, Cascos was still in the lead by 50 votes.

However, a few hours later, that decision would be recalled, and Wood was said to have won by 5 votes. It was at around8:30 p.m. that unofficial results state that Cascos was still ahead by 50 votes. However, someone noticed an oversight an uncounted tally sheet for precinct 54. Elections Administrator Roger Ortiz was notified and according to sources the discrepancy was found. A retabulation then showed Wood was ahead by 5 votes. This whole confusion has some voters upset.

Los Fresnos resident said she TMs tired of hearing about the election problems time after time.

"It's something that shouldn TMt be a problem, Quintanilla said. We shouldn TMt have to be going through this conflict in not knowing who is going to be representing us and to my understanding somehow every year it always happens."

Cameron County residents said this isn't the first time problems like these have popped up during election time.

"It's telling you that somebody, somewhere is not doing their job like it should be done because discrepancies going back and forth that should've been taken care of, Quintanilla said.Whoever was sworn in for that should've been a little more careful with how elections were being held."

Others, like Brownsville resident Juan Garcia, suggest maybe it's time the county invests money in better voter equipment to reduce the amount of errors.

"Well, get new machines the way they're doing it right now they put the numbers in there and they should come out true," Garcia said. Action 4 spoke to Cameron County Commissioner-Elect Ernie Hernandez who said he believes the recount system is reliable and believes the new county judge is John Wood.