Crowds gather to support local leader in Brownsville

These Cameron County residents gathered inside Cobbleheads restaurant in Brownsville to watch President Obama TMs third State of the Union Address.

Hearing about the sagging economy was nothing new for many in attendance but some considered it a welcomed message.

"There's a lot of important issues, said Port Isable resident Jimmy Garza. But I think the economy and getting people back to work and creating jobs is in my opinion and by far the most important issue.

Growing up in the Rio Grande Valley and witnessing different political leaders represent his hometown Jimmy says he decided to attend Tuesday TMs gathering to get his information first hand.

I tend not to look at parties and look at individuals, said Jimmy. And put in place or vote for who I believe is best qualified.

Ramiro Garza Jr., is a democrat running for Congressional District 27 and was getting the vote out before the State of the Union.

"I've worked with communities all over south Texas making sure we position then in a way that they can complete globally, said Ramiro Garza Jr. And right now, in talking to residents throughout the district, jobs is the number one key issue. That's my experience and that's what I have known all my professional career.

The candidate peaked Jimmy's interest who wants his hometown and surrounding areas to grow by attracting more than just vacationers.

"We need to be put on the map, said Jimmy. At the same time it will be better for business and get people down here.

Nearly all the people either meeting a candidate or listening in on the president TMs speech were talking about the economy, education and looking for a glimmer of hope that better times are ahead.