David Simmons re-elected as Mayor of Donna

The party was on for Mayor-Elect David Simmons TM camp in Donna Saturday, shortly after the polls closed for the run-off election for the mayoral seat.

Simmons, the incumbent, celebrated his victory over opponent and former mayor Hector Casiano, by taking a bite out of a jalapeo.

"The most important thing, Simmons said, is that this election was won not for me, not for the city commission, but for you - the tax payers and the voters in the city."

After much praise from his supporters, Simmons made several promises for a better Donna.

"We've been held back much too long, Simmons said, and it's time for us to start moving forward. We have a lot of new projects coming-up and you will see a change in this community - I promise you that."

Meanwhile, Casiano accepted his defeat and was consoled by grandchildren and friends.

"I was hoping that I was going to be victorious, because I wanted to do good for Donna, Casiano said. But if the people of Donna don TMt come out to vote - there's 8,000 voters and only 2,000 come out, 20 percent, 6,000 don TMt care about Donna. Well I guess I gave it the best shot."

With the run-off behind him and three more years ahead, Simmons said he's ready to continue the work he and city commissioners have already begun, and hopes to put the entire city to work.

"We need to create jobs for our people they need to work, Simmons said. The city and the school district is no longer going to be our largest employer - we need to create jobs."