Democrats and Republicans gather for presidential debate party

Hamburgers, hot dogs, American flags and even cookies shaped as donkeys and elephants.

It's all in preparation for a night where both parties will come together to watch the presidential debate.

"We decided to have a little debate with our friends of both parties on the presidency," said Mary Lou Cantu, who hosted the party at her home in Donna.

Cantu, who is voting for Obama, says having both her republican and democrat friends over at one time will spark some debate.

"We are very close, the people that are in this room are very intelligent," said Cantu. "So I believe that we will be honest in our opinions."

Both political parties were strongly represented in the Cantu home, and they were not afraid to say so too.

"Look at the policies that Obama has implemented in the past four years," said Romney supporter Martin Escobedo. "He had four years already and nothing has happened. He promised he would cut the deficit, that has not happened."

"I think [Obama]'s done great since he's been in office," said Obama supporter Rudy Perez. "It's been a lot of hard work, a lot of rebuilding."

But despite their conflicting political views, all the friends agreed on one thing: that supporting America's leaders shows pride in their nation.

"It's going to be a very good, close race," said Cantu. "And the better man comes on top."

By the end of the debate, the group of friends agreed that both Obama and Romney put up a good fight.

The group is also looking forward to possibly getting together again for the next presidential debate will be held on October 16th.