Getting the word out to vote in Hidalgo County

With the November elections just around the corner local non-profits are making sure everyone gets out and votes. Action 4 news went out with ~Arise TM on Thursday as they knocked on doors and educated people on the importance of voting. "We want people to go out there and make this part of their yearly routine, said Jose Chapa with the Equal Voice Network. We want them to go to the polls and participate in their civic process."

"If we can bring up ten percent that would be excellent"if we could bring it up to twenty percent that would be awesome," said Ramona Casas with Arise in Alamo.

There will be different groups doing the same thing throughout the Rio Grande Valley. South Texas Adult Resource and Training CenterLUPEProyecto Juan DiegoAriseBCHCProyecto AztecaMovimiento Del Valle Por Los Derechos HumanosSouthwest Workers Union

There are a number of events coming up"one of those is a candidate education session on October 16th.

It will start at 9 in the morning at McAllen Convention Center.

For more information you can call (956) 783-6959.