Gloves come off in San Benito mayoral race

"I didn TMt steal anything, I didn't rape anyone, and I didn't murder anyone."

Joe Hernandez is setting the record straight after getting booted from his seat as San Benito's Mayor for unpaid taxes.

"It was property taxes and it was $800," said Hernandez.

He says it's all water under the bridge now, but that doesn't mean he doesn't hold a grudge against the people he believes pushed him out of his position.

"That guy is the one that took the lead on that, said Hernandez referring to San Benito Mayor Jack Garcia.

Those are false allegations coming from Mr. Hernandez, said Garcia.

Hernandez wants his seat back , Garcia wants to stay right where he is and said he TMs better qualified and can do a better job.

With early voting underway, they're sweeping the negative under the rug in order to focus on the positive, telling voters what they have done for the city.

Hernandez says he lead the Resaca Trail project.

"As presiding officer and mayor of San Benito, we brought in over 19 million in residential commercial construction. I want to continue that," said Garcia.

On, Rhonda Kneis wrote, Just make sure whoever is running has their taxes paid up, and will fix the streets."

We took her concerns to the candidates.

"We presently are doing the grid system, focusing on one area of the city to get done and then move on to another area," said Garcia.

"We'll find ways to tackle the streets," responded Hernandez.

Can Hernandez tackle a cloud of doubt cast on him after getting kicked out of office the last time around or will the current mayor keep the seat he took from Hernandez.

The answer is in the hands of the people who show up to the polls.