Hidalgo County drainage bond is a go!

Hurricane season is coming to an end but county officials are already looking ahead to 2013.

This, as a much needed bond is passed in Hidalgo County to help protect the county against a mega storm.

Nearly 75 percent of the people who voted in this election, voted to support a 180-million dollar bond issue that hopes to improve the drainage across the county.

Hidalgo County Judge Ramn Garcia told Action 4 News, it will be another four months before they can actually get their hands on the millions of dollars.

He told us once they do get the monies they'll start bidding out the 25 projects and begin construction.

We've taken a very significant step to solving our drainage issues, said Garcia. We're not there yet and even after we complete this project it won't be perfect, but we've made a very significant step."

All 25 projects can take anywhere from 18 to 24 months to complete.

The largest of the projects is the Raymondville drain, which will be located in the northern part of the county and will divert all of the water that falls north of the expressway into the bay.

Ramon said the passing of this bond couldn't have come at a better time.

For years, he said, the county has avoided a major storm but luck will soon run out and they want to be prepared.

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