Hidalgo County Precinct 1 gearing up for November

It has been a hotly contested race from the very start.

Former Precinct 1 Commissioner Sylvia Handy was sentenced to 30 months for harboring illegal immigrants.

Then there was State District Judge Rudy Delgado's decision that there could only be one democratic candidate on the ticket in November.

Interim commissioner A.C. Cuellar said, at that point, he could have just surrendered.

"I guess the easiest thing for me to do was to just walk away at the end of the year," said Cuellar. "But a lot of my supporters and friends asked me to look for something and try and run."

So Cuellar found a way to run and became a 'write-in TM candidate.

A 'write-in' candidate has never won an election so Cuellar is hoping to make history.

"It's exciting and different," said Cuellar. "People are excited because they want a voice and be able to choose."

As Cuellar moves to make history in November-his opponent said his move has just created more obstacles for the precinct.

"From day one it has been an obstacle but it's not my candidacy that's created this obstacle," said Joel Quintanilla. "It's the other party."

Despite the negative attention surrounding this seat-Quintanilla is not worried about gaining back the public's trust.

"We are failing. It's long overdue...all of the criticism that has been going to that county commissioner seat is a shame," said Quintanilla. "It's time to bring back the integrity, stability, and transparency that we need."