Increasing voter turnout through social media

As voting season kicks off state elections officials are hoping to ease voter confusion and increase turnout at the polls by making information more readily available."We now have over 173,000 voters registered," says Roger Ortiz, Cameron County Elections Administrator.Now the task at hand, getting those voters to the polls.Elections officials are getting a big show of support in Brownsville as the Secretary of State makes a visit to boost morale in preparation for the upcoming elections."Cameron County and all surrounding counties are fully prepared for May 29th elections," says Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade.She explained to a small crowd of county leaders that voters may have many questions , but tools are out there for them."I believe you have no excuses not to vote," says Andrade.With recent changes to voting dates the voter is confused, and that's why Andrade is telling them to turn to social media."We want to make sure that in Texas everyone understands that voting is easy and accessible and that every vote counts," says Andrade."It TMs terrific. Now they can just go online and find the answers about voting they are looking for rather than coming to my office," says Ortiz.The State is offering all the information a voter needs right on Facebook and Twitter.By liking their page or following them, a voter can find election dates and other important information.Plus they will be directed to the State TMs main online source for specific polling location information available for each county in Texas.The times they are a changing and the State is adapting in order to educate voters in the simplest way possible reaching them on their home computers or cell phones."If you're not sure of where or when to vote or who is running for what office and you have your phone, you can just key it in," says Andrade.If you would like to access the pages just go to Office of the Texas Secretary of State on Twitter and Facebook.