Judge rules in favor of newly elected Weslaco Commissioner

Miguel Wise, mayor of Weslaco, found himself on the stand in an Edinburg courtroom defending the city's action or in this case, lack thereof, involving the eligibility of Olga Noriega, City Commissioner-Elect for District 3.

The city and Noriega are being sued by two men Rick Quintanilla and Rene Rodriguez Junior.

"The city basically washed their hands of it and said look we have nothing to do with it, we have to go to court," said Quintanilla.

Rodriguez and Quintanilla claimed Noriega doesn't live in District 3.

She beat out Rodriguez for the seat over the weekend and Monday, he and Quintanilla, who calls himself a concerned citizen but is a long time friend of Rodriguez's, tried to get a restraining order on the canvassing of votes.

They claimed Noriega lives in a home on the Weslaco/Donna boundary line which falls outside of city limits.

She does have a home within the city, but Rodriguez and Quintanilla said she doesn't actually reside there.

"We have some witnesses who know that this lady does not live there," said Quintanilla.

Attorneys for the city and Noriega questioned Rodriguez TMs claims and his alleged investigation into her residences asking him if he would be surprised that she pays for gas, electricity, trash pick up and telephone at the residence listed on Indiana street. Rodriguez TMs reply to each question, Yes.

The hearing lasted nearly 8 hours with the judge ruling in Noriega TMs favor.

Canvassing of the votes is set for Tuesday, making Noriega TMs win over Rodriguez official.