La Joya voters asked to 'Get On The Bus' or 'Join The Pack'

Candidates and campaign volunteers alike for the La Joya school board district have been working since 7 a.m. trying to get people to the polls.

One of the groups told residents to "Get on the Bus" literally.

'We bring them to vote if they don't have transportation," said campaign volunteer Yoslim Amador.

It's a campaign method they said has been working.

The opposing group with their slogan "Join the Pack" have been howling out to passerby's trying to sway their vote in favor of the pack.

"One of the things is we want to bring a lot of the programs back that they removed already for our children like music and folklorico," said J.J. Garza who is running for place 1.

His group displayed a rat representing "Fito" Salinas' camp with the slogan "Get on the Bus."

"This is the last battle. Their kicks while drowning. They're coming up with stuff that doesn't really belong to the four board members that are running," said Salinas.

Jabs have come from both parties throughout the race, but Garza said he doesn't take any of it personally and neither should the other party.

He calls the jabs the fun side of politics.

The parties said they don't think the controversy has hurt the race.