New bill for verification of information on voter registration

Unclear handwriting and typos are just some of the reasons thousands of Texans have their voter registration applications delayed or denied.

But State Representative Scott Hochberg of Houston wants to improve the process.

He just filed a new billed number 369 hoping to correct these errors.

The Secretary of State already has the responsibility of matching these voter registration applications to the driver's license file, they have all the data. This would give them the authority to go one step further and correct obvious typos. A number of counties have shown they can't do this in a timely manner, said the democratic representative.

But not everyone agrees with Hochberg's proposed bill.

"The Secretary of State would have to look at 254 counties. Where as locally, we are looking at just that one county. We are closer to the voter and it's easier for us at the county level to try and find errors and make corrections, said Roger Ortiz.

Cameron County Elections Administrator, Roger Ortiz, also says Hochberg's proposed bill has good intentions, but says it's not necessary.

"For the Secretary of State to do something like this is quite a bit of work and it would be costly for the taxpayer," said Ortiz.

Alejandro Palacios, a member of LULAC, agrees.

"Our local counties have individuals who are highly qualified and they know what they are doing. They have a system that works, which is mandated by the state of Texas.

Regardless, all parties agree that every election process will have errors, but that no one should loose their right to vote because of it.