New Congressman elect Blake Farenthold tours the valley

Congressman-Elect for District 27 Blake Farenthold is not waiting on a recount to declare his victory he has already began hitting the ground running here in the valley.

I want to get to know you and I want to earn your respect and support, said Farenthold. I TMm here to represent each and everybody whether you voted for me or you didn't. He's the newly elected congressman for District 27 and Thursday he was in the valley to get to know his future constituents.

From Corpus Christi to Brownsville each end is equally important and I intend to spend as much time as possible both in the valley and in Corpus Christi.

The republican said he is eager to get to work but added he TMs election opponent isn TMt making it easy.

Right now were just wasting time hurting my effectiveness as a congressman, said the republican.

Election vote totals showed Farenthold winning by 797 votes over current congressman Solomon Ortiz.

But the incumbent isn TMt walking away that easily from the seat he held for 27 years and has asked for a recount.

There TMs never been election like this, a congressional election by this wide of margin overturned, said Farenthold. I need to be working on putting my staff together working on committee assignments in Washington D.C. And not fooling with the recount." He said as a business man, what is at the top on his list are jobs and the economy.

We TMve got to work hard to get more business located here in South Texas and we need to make it easier for people to grow or even start their own businesses.

The Corpus Christi native promises he'll be accessible to the people in the valley.