New developments in Cameron County race recount

As election judges and poll watchers left the Cameron County Elections Office, one of them simply said, "We finished and there's no change."

The recount for precinct 54 to determine the outcome of the race for county judge started at about 3 p.m. Tuesday it took approximately 2 hours to recount one of the largest precincts in Cameron County.

Inside the elections office was Commissioner John Wood.

When he finally left the office he reported numbers in the recount for precinct 54.

Wood said the count had been Judge Carlos Cascos 299 votes and he obtained 366 votes.

Wood has the lead in the precinct, but did not want to declare himself the winner until the recount is canvassed and added to the rest of the votes.

County Commissioners will have to canvass the votes for precinct 54 but that date has not been set.