Recount requested in San Benito CISD race

Joe G. Gonzalez

June Aguilera was overwhelmed with joy when she first learned that she beat out long time Joe Gonzalez for San Benito CISD Board Place 4.

But that excitement would soon come to an end for the 19-year-old candidate on Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, her opponent and Place 4 incumbent, Joe G. Gonzalez, filed for a recount after losing by 17 votes.

"I believe everything was accounted for, I trust the people that were in there counting the votes, I put my faith in God and we'll see how it turns outs" said Aguilera.

While optimistic the re-count will still be in her favor, $800 dollars of tax payer money will be spent on performing the recount.

Something June says in unnecessary. She does however respect his choice.

"I don TMt think it was called for, but if he feels that, that TMs on him she said.

June, who is now a teaching student at UTPA, said she's ready to begin her term.

As a former student of San Benito high, there are several issues she wants to address, including overcrowding in the cafeteria, which forces some students to eat on the floor.

Something she herself was forced to do as a student there.

"Our parents are tax payers..and they TMre paying for all these tax dollars and were still eating on the floor." Said Aguilera.

Action 4 News paid a visit to Gonzalez TMs home, but the person who answered the doors said he unavailable for comment.

Gonzalez also never return calls after repeated attempts to reach him.

Action 4 News spoke to elections officer for San Benito CISD, Emma McCall who said the recount could happen as soon as Friday.

They must first find those who will conduct it and then post the notice for at least 18 hours.

It could happen sooner, but both Gonzalez and Aguilera would have to agree on a day.