Reservist's Congressional campaign in jeopardy with call to duty in Afghanistan

Ruben R. Ramirez believes in equal rights for same sex marriage couples, an eventual pathway to citizenship for students illegally in the country through no fault of their own and a dual approach to border security with more boots and technology.

But the Texas Congressional District 15 candidate will have to put his platforms aside as he prepares to deploy in June on a one year tour in Afghanistan.

Leaving my family will be the hardest part, he said.

At just 7 1/2 months old, Ruben Jr. is too young to understand his father will be gone.

Ruben says leaving his son and fiance Julia behind will undoubtedly be the toughest part of his call to duty with the U.S. Army Reserve.

He's never served overseas in his near 4 year military career.

"The thought of what's going on at home is what really can try your mind," he said.

Reservists have double duties as civilian soldiers.

His mission overseas is classified as part of the Judge Advocate General's Corps, which specializes in military law.

But Ruben is also a science teacher at the Edinburg CISD and one of 5 Democrats trying to unseat incumbent Ruben Hinojosa on May 29th, Primary Election Day in Texas for the District 15 race and others.

The Army specialist admits he's had limited funding for signage and limited time for campaigning.

And while he calls his chances of winning a 'long shot,' he does believe, if elected, he can serve his country and serve the people of South Texas.

"Just because it's a long shot... Doesn't mean you shouldn't try for something... If you truly believe in something... And I believe in the people of the Rio Grande Valley... And I believe they need that strong support and leadership... And a voice that's not engrained in the political system... I push myself," he said.

And he pushes others to simply get out and vote, regardless of their choice.

It's a democratic right Ruben says will be trying to protect.

Ruben is scheduled to be in Germany from June 2nd - 16th for training.

He'll return for just a few days before he begins his year-long deployment on June 23rd.

Early voting runs until May 25th.

Primary Election Day is on May 29th.

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