Salomon Torres set to run for Congress

For nine years Salomon Torres worked alongside Congressman Ruben Hinojosa.

He said those years in Washington have taught him how to handle the political game and make sure his district gets the resources it needs to grow.

It TMs how you align yourself with other members of Congress"that TMs the only way to get things done, Torres said. You have to know how to use the assets of your region and tell a good story about your region to make sure you get treated fairly.

Torres told Action 4 News he sees potential in the Valley"room to grow and jobs to create.

He said in order to do that the Valley has to develop a better profile"one that will appeal to outsiders.

The Valley has to develop a better profile to be seen as one metropolitan area that can attract more employers and new sectors of the economy.

Torres will run in District 27"but said that could change once the redistricting maps are approved.