Solomon Ortiz claims errors at polls

After a long road of campaigning the journey finally came to an end for U.S. Congressman Solomon Ortiz.

Tuesday night final numbers show he lost his seat he held for 27 year to Rrepublican Blake Farenthold.

Wednesday Ortiz TMs camp sent out a statement claiming some serious errors had been made at the polls.

In it Ortiz claimed "a polling site opened almost one hour late on election day and an early voting site lost electrical power depriving many from casting their vote."

Action 4 spoke to Cameron County Elections Administrator Roger Ortiz about the claims.

We didn TMt have an issue like that here in Cameron county but I would be worried if there was I mean everybody should be worried if there was."

Willacy County also claims their elections ran smoothly.

Leaving the rest of his districts like Kleberg, Kennedy and Nueces County at the center of the controversy.

Irregularities like this one or any other wrongdoing, the elections administrator, could result in an affidavit being issued to all those involved.

But for some voters in Cameron County conflict or not they believe the outcome was fair.

He shouldn't of taken all those trips, said Johnny Simmons a Brownsville voter. He shouldn't of done that.

Fernando Perez agreed, I really didn't like the guy Farenthold that well but Obama said change so he got his change let's see how it goes.

But Ortiz isn TMt giving up just yet he ends his statement with, "it's simply too early for anybody to be calling this race."