Tea Party signs attack Hinojosa record

Their emergence in South Texas differed from the splashy way the Tea Party showed up across the country.

Up until recently, the McAllen Tea party has been rather reserved.

The McAllen Tea Party has entered a new phase, according to its vice president, James Garcia.

The proof sits along the side of the road on North 10th Street in McAllen, north of Trenton.

"We want to remind them this is how your representative voted, so this is voter education basically," Garcia said.

Just in time for early voting, the McAllen Tea Party put up billboards in McAllen and along Expressway 83 in Weslaco.

The target of the billboards is Congressman Ruben Hinojosa (D-TX).

"We did some focus groups and we did some surveys and we found out that people were very concerned with Obamacare, and from a moral perspective they were concerned about having to pay for abortions," she said.

When asked about the billboards, Congressman Hinojosa said he had no knowledge of them.

"I TMve heard nothing about that, I don TMt think that they TMre that important," he added.

Nonetheless, Garcia said they are hoping to reach out to voters.

In addition to the signs on the road, they are also hosting more political events like their forum with Ted Cruz two weeks ago.

But it will not stop in November.

"Probably starting January of February, we're going to start talking about the local issues, the school board races the city commissioner races," Garcia said.

After the election, he added that the McAllen Tea Party will become even more visible in South Texas, possibly even field some candidates for office.