Tensions grow in La Joya school board Race

With only one week until election day tension is growing in the La Joya school board race.

Candidates for the La Joya school board are running under two team names, Team Liberty and Get on the Bus.

Five of the seven seats on the board are up for grabs and each side is hoping their candidates will sit in all of them.

JJ Garza says he is running for school board because the community asked him to.

"They call me, run again, please we need help," Garza said.

Team Liberty candidates say teachers are being threatened and politics are being played in the workplace.

There TMs too much politics in the district right now," Team liberty candidate Joel Garcia said.

Garcia says the district cannot afford to fail state audits as it did with the school lunch program last month.

"We are in danger of losing our free lunch program so that's one thing we will need to tackle when we go in, Garcia said.

A candidate on the opposing team, Narciso Solis serves as a Border Patrol agent in the area which Garza is calling a conflict of interest.

The law states federal employees can run for non-partisan political positions if cleared by their supervisors, so to be sure Team Liberty sent a petition to the Border Patrol.

"We've been asked questions, people who are illegal who have their kids in school here are concerned about that, Garza said.

While Team Liberty has not received a response to their position Action 4 did contact Border Patrol who says Solis is cleared to run for office.

This particular agent did have authorization and did file the necessary authorization through the proper channels, Border Patrol spokesperson Henry Mendiola Jr. said.

Solis says his opponents are just playing politics.

I think at this point in the race they are just trying to find anything or excuse to stop us from going forward, Solis said.

Current board president Arnoldo Ochoa says his team will bring the necessary tools to run the district.

"All our candidates are well educated, they come from diverse backgrounds, from attorney, border patrol, police officers to educators and I think the diversity is very important, Ochoa said.

Running on the slogan, ~Get on the Bus, TM the team promises if you vote for them, the buses won't be rolling out of town.

"Get on the bus, and I am on the bus and we will continue to work hard for our kids, Get on the Bus candidate Mari Gonzalez said.

*Team Liberty said if elected they too will be supporting the buses.