Training For Hidalgo County Elections

The Hidalgo County elections department is hard at work this week getting some extra training for May elections.

"It can never hurt. In the end, it's designed to teach us anything and everything from reading in paper ballots to reading in election night results," said Joaquin Garcia, election systems manager.

One thing the Hidalgo County elections department learned from the March primaries is that you can never be too prepared.

"The more training that you have (and) the more knowledge that you have on the actual software and the way it works, the better you can be in terms of election night," said Garcia.

In the March primaries, the Hidalgo elections department experienced some problems in reporting the results.

The department's on-line results showed that 100 percent of precincts reported in when not all precincts had been counted.

"The last time it was a simple human error," said Garcia. "This is designed to prevent that."

After the training the elections department will practice to try to prevent kinks on election night.

Garcia said in addition to the training, the department has put other procedures into place.

"There's different procedures set in place in terms of how we receive all the information on election night and how we process it and the ways and the steps we go about doing it," said Garcia. "That's the biggest difference."

Garcia said they will continue to practice and make sure all of the procedures are done correctly come election night.