Valley leaders react to Perry's plan to 'uproot and overhaul' Washington DC

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry is back in the spotlight after rolling out his plan to ~uproot and overhaul TM Washington DC.

The Texas governor laid out a portion of his plan, he says, would fix the nation TMs problems during a planned speech in Iowa on Tuesday.

The plans calls for slashing the president TMs salary, criminalizing insider trading by members of Congress, slashing congressional staff budgets and forcing lawmakers to do their own work.

Perry also stresses he would eliminate the U.S. Department of Commerce, Department of Education and the Department of Energy by consolidating key programs into other agencies.

Key points he could not remember during a political debate last week. Perry could only smile and say, Oops!

His political ranking failed after the gaffe.

Valley Democrat Reaction

Many hoped Tuesday TMs speech to overhaul the government could bring up his political ranking, but Hidalgo County Democratic Chair Dolly Elizondo-Garcia disagrees.

If someone like Perry really understands government, then he can overhaul government, Elizondo-Garcia said. But, he can TMt even name the departments that exist in the U.S. government, so I don TMt think he has the right to present any kind of plan.

Elizondo-Garcia told Action 4 News that voters deserve a better explanation.

We need more than an oops, she said. We deserve better than an oops for our country.

Valley Republican Reaction

Hidalgo County Republican Party supporter Hollis Rutledge heavily supports the Perry campaign and strongly disagrees.

If any critic is saying that because he [Perry] has not been able to perform well in the debates, then obliviously they are looking for someone who can mesmerize the country like Obama did, said Rutledge.As a result, Rutledge said American is suffering from this dilemma.

We are looking for is somebody who has substance and background and someone who can handle the economic situation, Rutledge said. Obama is a genius, but obviously he is doing on the job training, because he has no substance, no background and no experience.

Rutledge told Action 4 News that Perry leads one of the largest states in America, and in his book Fed Up he lays out his philosophy about government.

"I do not believe Washington needs a new coat of paint, it needs a complete overhaul, Perry wrote in the book. "We need to uproot, tear down and rebuild Washington, D.C., and our federal institutions."

You can read Rick Perry TMs plan here which also calls for putting an end to bailouts.

Something many Valley residents have been against for along time.