Weslaco's Mayoral Candidates Trade Jabs

Buddy De La Rosa is a pharmacist.

Miguel Wise works as an attorney.

Both want to lead the City of Weslaco moving forward.

Saturday's runoff election is all that stands in their way.

A simple majority vote is all that's needed.

De La Rosa, who TMs the incumbent, took 30 percent of the vote in the May primary.

Wise garnered 49 percent of the vote.

A third candidate, Dr. Andrew Levine, was knocked out of the race.

Levine has chosen to back De La Rosa TMs campaign.

The incumbent said that ultimately evens the playing field for this weekend's race. Wise disagreed. "There's absolutely no reason why a person who voted for Levine or wanted a change would want to go back to status quo... They want something different than Dr. Levine... They'll vote for us," Wise said. A new water plant is a top priority for both candidates.

De La Rosa said a change is needed for current water users and for future business growth.

Wise wants to see the city finances in order.

He said it was barely in the "black."

He also said the current administration has put the city in a bind in areas that include water treatment.

The TCEQ has given us notice...We've exceeded our permissible capacity for filtrated water... We need to either expand or rebuild our water plant," Wise explained. De La Rosa explained how city commissioners chose to spend 21 million dollars in bond funds for a wastewater treatment plant in 2007.

It TMs a move he said he did not support.

The issue was addressed during a number of public appearances, including a recent debate that Wise failed to attend, according to De La Rosa.

"It's difficult for me to fathom why anyone would vote for him for mayor when he's never allowed himself to be questioned by the public," De La Rosa said.

Wise said he opted out after learning the debate was nothing more than a setup with only a handful of his challenger TMs supporters in the audience.

"This great debate he thought he had desired by the citizens of Weslaco is really smoke and mirrors," he said.

He believes the true forum will be voting day where the public will get the final say.

Election Day is Saturday.

The Polls open at 7am and close at 7pm on Saturday.

Voters can make their choice for mayor at Weslaco City Hall located at 255 South Kansas Avenue.