Daycare cleared by state inspectors after rodent contamination in kitchen

La Casa De La Tortilla

J and D's Pizzeria on 301 North Main Street in Santa Rosa earns a top performer sticker for a zero demerit health inspection score. The start-up pizza shop is hoping their sticker success will signal customers to come out and try their food. "We have good clean service and good food," co-owner Anthony Perez said. News is already spreading fast. "Hey that's great," Toni Watrous, a Winter Texan said. "It's very good to have clean food in Santa Rosa, Texas." But news of dirty dining on Food 4 Thought can spread even faster with financial consequences for a business. "We don't go back," Toni's husband Jake Watrous said. "We don't." Perhaps that's why leaders at Aziz have fired the manager at the convenience store on 1524 East Nolana Avenue in Pharr. The store scored 28 demerits during an inspection last week. A kitchen cop noted off-temperature chicken fajita, no soap or paper towels for proper sanitation, dirty equipment and roaches! Other insect contamination included flies. Nobody at the store could talk to the Food Patrol about the findings. But over the phone, an administrator says staffing changes have taken place along with additional pest control to help clean the store up. La Casa de la Tortilla on 6928 Padre Island Highway in Brownsville is the dirtiest this week on Food 4 Thought with 42 demerits during last Friday's city check-up. A public complaint about flies inside the business led to some of those demerits upon inspection. But the photo evidence is most shocking. An inspector takes pictures showing produce not kept at least 6 inches or more from the floor. A worker is seen moving meat stored on the ground into a bin. There are cross contamination photos of food left open. A dead fly can be seen on a food container. And there's dirty equipment. Owner Cinthia Huerta admits to the Food Patrol how the violations are embarrassing and says all workers will be retrained. Valley Oak Tree Learning Center on 821 East 18th Street in Weslaco has been cleared on Monday by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services for rodent contamination. Mice droppings turned up in the kitchen back in August. The business was given until October to clean-up. A state inspector noted this in his initial report: "Droppings were observed on the floor of the school age restroom, the water heater room, and the storage room of operation. A hole was observed underneath kitchen sink and needed maintenance. A Weslaco city inspector also found the contamination after a parent called to complain about her child seeing a rodent. Sonia Martinez, business manager for the daycare, says the problems have been corrected in accordance to state licensing standards and city codes. "At no time were the children in any danger and the building is being closely monitored by a licensed pest control company," she said. You know what the Food Patrol says to that--"Keep it clean!"

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

WeslacoValley Oak Tree Learning Ctr 821 E 18th St *Rodent Contamination*

BrownsvilleLa Casa de la Tortilla 6928 Padre Island Hwy (42) *Flies, Food on the Floor*

PharrAziz 1524 E Nolana (28) *Roaches, Off-Temp. Fajita*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

Santa RosaJ & D TMs Pizzeria 301 N Main St

San JuanAnn's Restaurant 221 W Bus 83

Rio Grande CityFina's Caf 101 S Britton

HarlingenKFC 201 S 77McDonald's 1801 W Lincoln

La FeriaCity Market 900 S Main St

Rio HondoSmiley's BBQ 23752 FM 1846

BrownsvilleWhataburger 2290 N Exp 77Cinemark 16 2370 N Exp 77

McAllenSubway 618 N 10thKumori 4500 N 10th