Dirty kitchen finds include gordita on a dirty rag and expired chorizo

Low Performer

A health inspector finds a gordita on top of a cleaning rag at a restaurant in San Juan.

The violation is part of 25 demerits that turn up at Dona Tere on 3100 North Raul Longoria in San Juan on a February 25th inspection.

Other violations include cooked foods not properly covered, inadequate hand washing and dirty equipment.

A worker identified only as "Enrique" admits to the Food Patrol that gorditas are not supposed to be on a dirty rag but couldn't comment further because the owner wasn't around.

Stripes on 2500 West Expressway 77 in San Benito is the dirtiest this week with 38 demerits.

Inspector photos from a March 3rd inspection show filthy conditions in the kitchen including roaches, rodent droppings, expired chorizo and insulation near sausage links, according to the city.

Three months after El Sombrero's owner is caught lying to the Food Patrol after a roach infestation, the restaurant on 1100 West Business 77 in San Benito is busted with roaches once again!

Remember this encounter with the Food Patrol last November?

"We wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt," Ryan told the owner. "We're in here 2 minutes and we see roaches."

The roaches were on the walls and shelving.

"Not good," the owner said back then.

El Sombrero's inspection on March 3rd indicates a roach infestation.

The business is ordered to "cease operations."

Photos tell a nasty tale of insect contamination with roaches caught on camera..

The inspector gives the clear to open 3 days later.

But the owner opts to stay closed for 2 more to clean before reopening.

Burger King on 400 North Jackson in Pharr is this week's featured top performer with 0 demerits.

The restaurant gets a visit from the Food Patrol for keeping it clean.

The king's crowning achievement, a top performer sticker on Food 4 Thought.

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Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

San BenitoEl Sombrero 1100 W Bus 77 *Roach Infestation, Shutdown*Stripes 2500 W Exp 77 (38) *Expired Chorizo, Roaches/Rodent Feces*

San JuanGorditas Dona Tere 3100 N Raul Longoria (25) *Gordita on Cleaning Rag*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

Port IsabelReyes Seafood 47807 Highway 100

DonnaLittle Caesar TMs 904 E Bus Hwy 83Taqueria Morales 1102 E Bus Hwy 83Whataburger 615 Salinas Blvd

Los FresnosTapias Caf 32184 Hwy 100

PharBurger King 400 N JacksonBurger King 1200 E Exp 83

PalmhurstMcDonald TMs 215 E Mile 3

EdinburgPizza Now 5224 E Hwy 107

San JuanLittle Caesar TMs 106 E FM 495Subway 106 E FM 495Pizza Hut 651 N Nebraska

AlamoCarmelita TMs 544 N Alamo RdWhataburger 513 N Alamo Rd

PalmviewWhataburger 2916 Exp 83