Live roaches caught on tape at daycare that called inspector a liar

Bright Kidz Daycare on 925 East Stenger in San Benito isn't upfront with the Food Patrol about health code violations. Roaches turn up on an October 3rd inspection with 14 demerits. They insects are described by the health inspector as both alive and dead. Some areas even have roach droppings left behind. The health inspector says they're found by the microwave and in the pantry with pots and pans. It's a claim one caregiver, who refused to identify herself, flat-out denies. "The health inspector has an issue," she said. "What is the issue?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked. "The issue is, I don't know what his problem is, but he finds everything wrong." "Will you show us the kitchen then and prove it?" Ryan asked. "Sure." she responded. The Food Patrol reminds the worker about the areas where the inspector said he found the roaches. "He told me they were by the microwave," Ryan said. "No," she responded. "There's nothing by the microwave." But when she turns the microwave around, the truth is revealed. "What is this right here?" Ryan said while holding a glue trap. "You just told me there were no roaches back here and there are insects and baby roaches on this trap," Ryan said. "You blamed the health inspector?" "No those| those| are from when they came to put the things," she said referring to the trap. But things only get worse with even more dirty discoveries. "Here's another trap," Ryan said while picking it up from another area of the kitchen. One could argue insects on a trap are a good thing and proof action is being taken. But the worker denied having any insect contamination at all. She even called the inspector a liar. Rio Grande Valley health inspectors have said in the past on Food 4 Thought how insects on a trap indicate problem areas. Many times there are other insects around that haven't been caught. Roaches are known to carry diseases and are considered to be a health risk. The worker says the pest traps didn't contain roaches, only dirt. "Do you really want me to open this and see dirt?" Ryan asked. "Well, if you want to touch it," she said. "Well, we need to take a look," Ryan said while opening the container. Live, small roaches are discovered inside. One of them is alive. The worker looks at it and says, "At least it's taken care of." Stars #3 on 1619 East Price Road in Brownsville is the dirtiest this week with 42 demerits on a September 24th inspection. Inspector photos show mold on the floor and a fryer in dirty condition. A plumbing problem is also exposed. It led to flies and a bad smell in the store, according notes on the report. An inspector says Stars is on a watch list due to continued dirty dining and will be monitored more frequently. Manager Carlos Ramirez tells the Food Patrol it's about 90 percent up to code. Stripes on 2500 West Expressway 83 in San Benito scores 36 demerits on September 18th inspection. Live roaches, ants and small flies are inside the store near syrup for soda, where hot tacos are served and the dishwasher area, according to the inspector. There are a number of temperature violations on food as well with BBQ and beans. Management tells the Food Patrol pest control will now come twice a month. It takes 2 more inspections to get the business up to code. Gale Hanks and her daughter Pam are there when the Food Patrol awards Wendy's on 401 Dixieland Road in Harlingen with another sticker for 0 demerits. "When we watch it on TV, we just, we look to see who's on the list next!" Gale said. "This has been exciting." Manager Guillermo Olalde calls it an achievement that both staff and customers can be proud of. "It's something that's hard to get and not everyone can get one," he said. You know what the Food Patrol says to that--"Keep it clean!"

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BrownsvilleStars #3 1619 E Price Rd (42) *Mold and Bad Odor from Plumbing, Dirty Fryer*

San BenitoBright Kidz Daycare 925 E Stenger (14) *Roaches, Expired Bread*Stripes 2500 W Exp 83 (36, 18, 3) *Flies, Ants, Roaches*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits) HarlingenWendy TMs 401 Dixieland