Moldy meat display glass and filthy ice machine exposed at El Ahorro

El Ahorro Meat Market in Brownsville

The public appearance at El Ahorro Meat Market on 3505 International Boulevard in Brownsville may appear clean, but an inspector finds plenty of demerits in the kitchen.

31 pop up on a mid-January inspection.

The Food Patrol obtained photographs of the violations which included: mold on the meat display glass, toxic items improperly stored, a cross-contamination of food equipment hanging on dirty walls, a dirty ice machine along with employees eating in the kitchen and also cutting meats in a room that's not at the required cold temperature mark.

The Food Patrol's waiting to review El Ahorro's re-inspection results.

Another area of the same meat market scored seven demerits on a return visit.

Young Scholars Academy South on 815 Billy Mitchell in Brownsville isn't keeping it clean with 30 demerits on a January 24th inspection.

What's not on the daycare's menu?

An inspector says there are expired hot dog buns and week-old sandwich bread, no soap in the restroom for proper sanitation, a dirty microwave with a foul odor, some foods aren't labeled in the fridge, there's rotten wood and other general areas of concern.

Owner Maria Cuellar talked to the Food Patrol over the phone about the smelly microwave and stale bread.

"The smell I think is because we had just done fishy, fish sticks," Maria responded.

"And what about the expired bread?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked.

"It was the day of," she said.

"Actually, it was seven days old," Ryan said about the health inspector's findings caught on camera.

"Oh," Maria said.

Two upper Valley restaurants stand out this week as featured top performers with 0 demerit health inspection scores.

They are Jerry's Burgers on 3817 North 10th Street in McAllen and Schlotzsky's on 1704 West University in Edinburg.

Both get a visit from the Food Patrol and are awarded top performer stickers to showcase their achievements.

Gerardo Cisneros is owner at Jerry's Burgers.

"We have everything clean," he told the Food Patrol. "We have everything ready. We use fresh products here."

Their top selling burger is called the "Mexican burger," according to Gerardo.

It has meat, ham, avocado and all the fixings.

Gerardo hopes his new sticker draws people in to try it.

"Well because everyone knows your show," he told Ryan.

Over at Schlotzsky's, the sandwiches there are piled high.

Summer Mejia, cashier, hopes to see the stickers add up too.

She wants it for the restaurant and her customers.

"We're working hard for our people," she said with a smile.

You know what the food patrol says to that--"Keep it clean!"

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Top Performers List

Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

BrownsvilleEl Ahorro 3505 International (31) *Meat Display Glass Mold, Dirty Ice Machine*Young Scholar's Academy South 815 Billy Mitchell (30) *Expired Hot Dog Buns, Week-old Bread*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

McAllenEl Divino 5001 N 10thJerry's Burger 3817 N 10th

PharrEl Huachinango 400 S CageStars 1208 E Bus 83

EdinburgSchlotzsky's 1704 W UniversitySonic 2222 W UniversityPeter Piper Pizza 2210 W UniversityArmando's Pizza 1900 W UniversityWendy's 4011 S McCollPizza Express 3911 S McColl

BrownsvilleMcDonald's 3500 N Alton GloorMcDonald's 4690 Southmost Rd