Restaurant busted with roaches, rodent poop and dirty fan blowing dust on food

Roach on cup at Las Mananita's restaurant in Raymondville

Public complaints from Food Patrol fans help to expose three low performer kitchens this week on Food 4 Thought.

One of them is at La Chula restaurant on 1100 North 23rd Street in McAllen.

There are 25 demerits on a May 1st inspection.

A kitchen cop finds no hair restraints on three employees, food products not labeled in the fridge, bare hand contact on ready to eat foods and a cross contamination violation with beef and poultry used on the same cutting board.

The Food Patrol travels to the restaurant to meet with the owner.

Elias Ibarra says an employee, working on her first day, made some mistakes.

He sent her to be properly trained and has this to say about health safety here: "I want to say as people know me, they know what I TMm capable of bringing to the table and it was something that was not being taken care of but we got it," he told Action 4's Ryan Wolf.

A Food Patrol fan reportedly takes a photo of a roach on a cup at Las Mananitas on 310 West Hidalgo Avenue in Raymondville.

State health inspectors are called in by the Food Patrol.

Roaches do in fact turn up and that TMs not all!

There's a live roach over the steam table and fresh rodent droppings under the kitchen sink, according to the report.

The May 21st inspection led to 33 demerits.

It's the dirtiest score on Food 4 Thought.

Just how dirty is it?

The staff placed raw and cooked food in front of a fan that was extremely soiled, an inspector noted, with dust and grease.

That fan was then blowing dirty dust and debris onto food right in front of it, according to the report.

Jamboree Daycare on 421 East Tyler in Harlingen is busted with insect contamination too.

Roaches turn up on a surprise inspection last week.

It directly backs up a Food Patrol fan's complaint about an infestation.

A city inspector finds them in the food prep area and restrooms.

A picture sent to the Food Patrol by a concerned parent shows cleaning taking place after the health department is called in.

The Food Patrol tries to inquire about the clean-up at the daycare itself.

"For the respect of the other kids, you need to please leave," a woman said through the crack of the center's door.

A reinsertion shows the daycare called in pest control and no roaches turned up again.

Whataburger on 100 East Expressway 83 in Pharr is this week's featured top performer with 0 demerits.

The Food Patrol's here to award a top performer sticker.

It's the restaurant's second one awarded in May in back to back years.

Joe Flores is the general manager..

"What kind of message does that send to people about this Whataburger?" Ryan asked.

"We're consistent with what we do here," Joe responded. "We try to make our customers number one."

You know what the Food Patrol says to that--"Keep it clean!'

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