Restaurant owner shocked to see live roaches crawl out during interview

Roaches at El Sombrero

El Sombrero is the newest restaurant to open at the former Pilo's building on 1100 West Business 77 in San Benito.

But don't let the name change fool you.

The dirty dining continues at that location with a 54 demerit health inspection score on November 5th.

The restaurant is ordered shut down for a portion of the day as a result until cleared by the health department.

Temperature violations on food, questionable salsa, cross-contamination concerns and dirty equipment turn up on the report.

What's owner Saul Reyna have to say about the rocky start?

"When you [Food Patrol] come in with Pilo's as the restaurant, Pilo's had roaches and rats... Too much stuff," he told Action 4's Ryan Wolf.

Saul says you won't find that at his restaurant.

He offers the Food Patrol a tour of the kitchen to prove he's insect-free.

"I painted all the stuff because it used to have all roaches and now you can check, I don't have anything," he pointed out.

But just minutes into the tour, the Food Patrol finds live roaches crawling out in the kitchen area.

"We wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt," Ryan told the owner. "We're in here 2 minutes and we see roaches."

The roaches are on walls and shelving.

"Not good," the owner said.

He promises to clean up.

Arnie's Winghouse on 812 Arroyo Boulevard in Los Fresnos is getting unwelcomed visitors too.

Mice droppings turn up behind the refrigerator, according to the health inspection report.

It's a dirty find for this 2009 top performer sticker winner.

Yvonne Gomez is manager.

"I was concerned," she said. "I was glad not to see more demerits cause I know we take care of things."

Yvonne allows the Food Patrol inside the kitchen.

Rodent poop can still be seen under the refrigerator.

Traps have been set and pest control efforts are stepped up, according to the manager.

Arnie's scored 7 demerits.

Ricardo's International Restaurant on 334 Paredes Line Road in Brownsville is ordered to fumigate the entire kitchen after roaches turn up.

An inspector finds 41 demerits during a check-up.

There is a re-inspection planned for the restaurant, which could not be reached for a comment by Wednesday evening.

Winter Texans arriving to the Rio Grande Valley will love to hear how the restaurant at Victoria Palms in Donna is the newest top performer sticker winner with zero demerits in the kitchen!

Linda Mejia is food and beverage director.

"I'm real happy," she said. "We're really trying. We want to make sure that everyone who comes here, we're looking after you, as far as keeping it clean."

The restaurant on Victoria Road offers a variety of food.

But it's best known for the fish fry on Friday evenings, according to staff.

The Food Patrol hopes a new sticker on the door will become a popular attraction as well.

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San BenitoEl Sombrero 1100 W Bus 77 (54, 0) *Shutdown, Roaches*

BrownsvilleRicardo TMs International 334 Paredes Line (41) *Roaches, Off-Temp Areas*

Los FresnosArnie TMs Winghouse 812 S Arroyo Blvd (7) *Mice Droppings*

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DonnaVictoria Restaurant at Victoria Palms Resort

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SPIBlackbeard TMs 103 E Saturn

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San JuanPopeye TMs 1607 E Exp 83

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