Triple trouble at 3 restaurants busted with roaches and other violations

Denny's on 1100 Padre Boulevard is a low performer this week

What do Denny's on South Padre Island, Church's Chicken on 10 South Cage Boulevard in Pharr and Diana's Tortilleria in Progreso all have in common?


The worst of the insect offenders is Diana's on FM 1015 and Malone.

There are 28 demerits in all on an April 24th inspection.

A city report reveals no soap or towels for proper sanitation, excessive holes on the walls in the kitchen that must be sealed or the inspector threatens to shut Diana's down, flies and a note about excessive dead roaches in the food prep area.

Church's Chicken is on the roach list with 10 demerits on a May 1st inspection.

Inspector notes include a lobby that's very dirty with a short staff and a few dead roaches.

The restaurant indicates they've been spraying for the insect contamination, according to the report.

The Food Patrol visits the eatery to see how this former top performer from a few months ago ended up with a roach problem.

Santos Alvarado is an area supervisor for Church's Chicken.

"We had a water leak outside and things were coming out and not only that we have a drainage at the corners and they were coming out of the drainage," he explained.

Their protection plan includes increased pest control and a close watch and water line repair work.

Santos says the restaurant is safe.

Denny's on 1100 Padre Boulevard on SPI wraps up this week's list of restaurants with roaches.

The eatery scored just 6 demerits with gnats in the kitchen and roaches in the storage area, according to their April 28th health report.

This week's featured top performer with 0 demerits is Costa Messa on 1621 North 11st Street in McAllen.

The Food Patrol personally awards the restaurant a sticker for their cleanliness.

"I'm honored!" Laura Garza, manager says.

She hopes the sticker will bring in new customers.

Her recommendation is the fajita platter.

She says it's a staple here along with a clean kitchen.

"People expect that from us," she told Action 4's Ryan Wolf. "If we didn't we would lose a lot of our customers."

You know what the Food Patrol says to that-- "Keep it clean!"

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Top Performers List

Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

PharrChurch TMs Chicken 10 S Cage (10) *Roaches, Dirty Lobby*

ProgresoDiana TMs Tortilleria FM 1015 & Malone (28) *Roaches, Flies*

SPIDenny TMs 1100 Padre Blvd (6) *Roaches, Gnats*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

HarlingenLuby TMs 822 DixielandSubway 1502 MidlaneTaqueria Jalisco 621 S CommerceSubway 1617 E Tyler

EdinburgStarlite Burger 1106 E UniversityMega Chicken 2028 W UniversityTaco Tiki 1804 E University

McAllenCosta Messa 1621 N 11thDairy Queen 4101 N 23rdSchlotzsky TMs 2616 N 10th

RomaTacos May 2862 Jardin St

EdcouchLeroy TMs Chicken & Burgers 408 N Santa Rosa

AlamoWillie TMs BBQ320 S Alamo RdGolden China 1001 Frontage Rd

San JuanStars 701 N Nebraska

La VillaRed Bird 845 N Mike Chapa