$1 million dollar bond for Lopezville gang murder

Carlos Alexis Saldaa now sits behind bars on a $1 million dollar bond.

Saldaa is accused in the murder of 32-year-old Pablo Torres, Jr. early Sunday morning.

Deputies also arrested 21-year-old Francisco Javier Vega and 20-year-old Gilberto Bustos Jr. and charged them with failure to report a felony.

Both Vega and Bustos were given $25,000 dollar bonds.

Investigators with the Hidalgo County Sheriff's office said the incident was gang related.

It was a feud between members of the Tri-City Bombers and the Chicano.

Officials confirmed the suspects are members of the Chicano gang, while the victim was a member of the Tri-City Bombers.

I was under the influence," Saldaa said. "I was drugged up and another words they aggravated me, so it TMs either me or him...they came at me swinging, he seen me, he thought I was drunk when I was walking, he thought he was gonna get me so I had my strap...I did what I had to do.. I did a warning shot and it came out to be a lucky shot.

"If you set low bonds they will be out in a week that TMs why I set a $1 million dollar bond, otherwise they will be out again killing more people," Judge Homer Jasso said.

Hidalgo County Sherriff Trevio said that although there have been no reports of retaliation, they want to prevent anything from happening. They have taken extra precautionary measures.

Mobile substations have been set-up along with surveillance towers; increase in police presence, along with the tactical squad and gang unit to ensure peace in the community.

Sherriff Trevino said "Quite frankly this homicide somewhat surprises me, we haven TMt had one in a very very long time, in probably over a year and a half"

Sherriff Trevino says he attributes the low violence, to the community outreach work they have done.