1 out of 12 men to be appointed as Hidalgo County interim sheriff

The Hidalgo County Commissioner TMs Court will vote Wednesday morning on who will take over the sheriff's office before the November election.

This comes after Sheriff Lupe Trevino retired on Friday.

A total of 12 people are now vying for the job.

With about 800 employees, the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office is the largest local law enforcement agency in the valley, the 8th largest Sheriff TMs Office in Texas.

A lot of names have circled around Hidalgo County as potential successors to Sheriff Trevino, but the county commissioner TMs court will have the final say Wednesday morning.

Hidalgo county precinct two commissioner Tito Palacios told action 4 News the most important thing they are looking for in an interim sheriff is experience and management skills.

"It's a big operation and a big undertaking for anybody to come in, get familiar with the situation and be able to lead that many people in the right direction, Palacios said.

While some law enforcement officials have expressed interest in running for sheriff in November, Palacios says he doesn't want to give anyone a political advantage by naming them the interim sheriff.

"We don't want to come across as we selected someone because he or she is interested in running for the position. I just want to make sure people understand that is not my intention or the intention of the court, Palacios said.

As the head of the department, the sheriff is ultimately responsible for the safety of the county's citizens.

"Whatever decision we come up with will be in the best interest for the citizens of Hidalgo County," Palacios said.

With that in mind, Palacios will be spending his evening vetting the 12 men who have notified the county judge TMs office they are interested in the position.

Anybody who has submitted an interest in writing to the court, to me is a contender," Palacios said. "I've got homework."

The following 12 men are those who have notified the Hidalgo County judge TMs office they are interested in the interim sheriff position.

Juan Gonzalez " current San Juan Police Chief Daniel Garcia " current Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office commander Fred Ball - former special agent in charge of the DEA McAllen district office Geovani Hernandez " current La Joya Police Chief Tom Whitten - former Harlingen Police Chief Ricardo Herrera - Rio Hondo reserve police officer Adan Munoz Jr. - former Kelberg County Sheriff Esteban Soto - former deputy U.S. Marshal in the southern district of Texas Eddie Guerra " current Precinct 4 constable Francisco Gallegos - former McAllen Police Department officer Alberto "Al" Perez Alejandro Morales

County commissioner TMs court is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. at Edinburg city hall Wednesday morning.