10 out of 12 Panama Unit suspects to face a judge

McAllen's Federal Courthouse

Some 10 out of the 12 suspects charged in the Panama Unit scandal are expected to face a federal judge on Friday morning.

Jonathan Trevio, seven former deputies and two drug traffickers are expected to be arraigned on new charges.

Trevio, the son of Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevio, was arrested by FBI agents back in December when the scandal first broke.

A federal grand jury recently handed down a new, superseding indictment charging all 12 suspects together.

Trevio and nine others are expected to be arraigned on those new charges at McAllen's federal courthouse this morning.

Former Hidalgo County Sheriff's Deputy Jorge Garza is out on a $100,000 dollar bond after being arraigned on the new charges last week.

Jailed drug trafficker Alvaro Gilberto DeHoyos is expected to be arraigned next Wednesday because his defense attorney is in another court defending a suspect in a murder trial.