10 people flee on foot, leads BP on drug chase

BP says around 460 pounds of marijuana was seized

Authorities said 10 people fled after they were allegedly loading a vehicle with marijuana.

The chase happened Saturday around 3:30 p.m. near Progreso Lake.

Border Patrol told Action 4 News they came in contact with a group of 10 people attempting to load around 460 pounds of marijuana into a vehicle.

The group fled on foot, leaving the pot behind.

BP said the driver and passenger in the vehicle led the chase, and stopped at a residence in the area.

Progresso police were called to assist in the pursuit and found the vehicle at the residence.

The driver then fled on foot, leaving the passenger behind.

Agents came into contact with the passenger, who was a U.S. citizen.

They say the passenger was not arrested because there were no drugs inside the vehicle.

No arrests have been made, and those involved in the incident fled from authorities.

Border Patrol said eight bundles were seized at the scene while Progreso police seized the vehicle.